Valentine Solutions, LLC

Achieve Savings of 10% to 30%+

Providing Freight Management Solutions is our Core Competency, What's yours?

Logistics & Freight Management Partners

  • International Freight Forwarders

    Industry leader & privately owned full service customs broker, importer/exporter and NVOCC.

  • Ascent Global Logistics

    Full-service, flexible global logistics 3PL company specializing in freight management solutions.

  • LeanCor

    Trusted partner with a mission to advance the world’s supply chains through their three integrated divisions: LeanCor Training and Education, LeanCor Consulting, and LeanCor Logistics.


    Provides global turnkey manufacturing and supply chain solutions along with a comprehensive range of related services: design, aftermarket services, manufacturing, fulfillment, and reverse logistics.

Customer Experience = K.I.S.S.

We Keep It Simple and do not over complicate the experience. Our strategic approach to understanding your current and future state combined with data analysis allows us to create a win-win value proposition.  Our customers experience immediate time and resource benefits from our solutions as well as immediate cost reductions ranging from 10% to 30%+. This successful combination fosters our honest long term relationships.