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What is Supply Chain?

Greg White, Principal and Host of Supply Chain Now and Partner with Trefoil Advisory and Thomas Valentine, President of Valentine Solutions will discuss what is considered a supply chain, the characteristics of the supply chain before COVID19, how it was disrupted, the impact on orders, freight and transportation, common misconceptions, and a vision of the […]

Vision For Transportation

Driver and capacity shortages, technology advances, and tariff increases. Those were just some of the trends we saw mark the transportation industry in 2019. But what’s ahead for 2020 and how can you prepare? In this free webinar, join industry experts Tom Valentine from Valentine Solutions and Derek Browning from LeanCor Supply Chain Group as […]

Supply Chain Radio

Digitize, Visualize, Synchronize: A Conversation with Activ Technologies & Valentine Solutions I was happy to share my knowledge with the listeners of Supply Chain Now Radio on Episode 135 of their podcast.